Practice Areas


Successful public policy efforts, be they at the federal, state or local level, often require government relations specialists, PAC support and industry associations. We don’t replace those – we augment them to achieve your goals by recruiting and activating supporters for your initiatives.

In an increasingly partisan political environment you need to reach policymakers through the means that move them. More and more, that means building coalitions who support your goals and can authentically capture the attention of policymakers and their staff. We’ve done it for America’s leading political campaigns and organizations and we can do it for you.

Campaign consulting

Winning campaigns require experienced, data-driven management at every level of the campaign. We understand it’s not enough for campaigns to work hard. They must work smart. We’ve managed and been active in every type of campaign, at every level, in virtually every state in the country.

From State Representative up to 3 Presidential campaigns and multi-million dollar ballot initiatives, we have extensive and high-level experience in all facets of campaigns: general consulting, strategy, communications, political, coalitions, fundraising, policy and administration. If you want a winning campaign playbook, we can develop it for you.

Nonprofit management consulting

We launched one of America’s largest political organizations into the stratosphere and helped turn around one of our country’s largest, best-known and oldest nonprofit institutions. In the course of those experiences we learned the traits all successful nonprofits share and how to effectuate success from fundraising to communications to event planning.

If you have a nonprofit that isn’t yet meeting it’s potential, we can place you on the fast track to success. We will establish a strategic vision, right-size your organization to achieve your goals, enhance financial performance and increase programmatic offerings.

Grassroots consulting

Our involvement in high-level campaigns and issue initiatives has been non-stop. Cumulatively, we’ve had a role in campaigns in virtually every state in the nation. Ballot initiatives, multiple Presidential campaigns, U.S. Senate campaigns, state and local campaigns. Through that experience we’ve assembled a national field team of specialists who can help you leverage grassroots influence to achieve your goal at any level of politics.

Fundraising Solutions

We understand the challenge of amassing the resources needed to achieve your goals. We specialize in creating fundraising programs that will help take your financial success to new levels. Whether you operate a not-for-profit, political campaign or ballot initiative, we can help you reach your fundraising potential.

Strategic communications

We have served as spokespeople for some of the most closely-watched campaigns in the country. Multi-million dollar ballot initiative campaigns, U.S. Senate and Presidential races and some of the country’s largest nonprofits have trusted us to carry their message to the public using the multitude of communications tools available from traditional to social media. Over the years we have conducted thousands of media interviews and will help you craft and deliver a message to the media to achieve your goals.

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